A mainland license allows you to operate and trade freely throughout the United Arab Emirates with no restrictions
The Department of Economic Development (DED) of each Emirate issues and regulates mainland licenses for new businesses. It is a government agency in charge of the country’s economic policy

Opening a mainland business, often known as a “onshore” business, has several advantages:

Within the United Arab Emirates, there are no limits on trading.

Commercial space is nearly always available to rent or buy.

Corporation and individual income taxes are both zero percent.

There’s a lot to do.

There are no limitations on money.

Audits aren’t done every year.

Capacity to compete for government contracts

There are a few steps we need to take to start your mainland firm, which we will assist you with and guide you through:
Mainland License Registration

We’ll apply for a business licence with the Department of Economic Development on your behalf.

The cost of a licence depends on the operations of your organisation.

Assistance With External Controls

Depending on the nature of your business, the DED may need to approach a second government agency, which will implement its own set of rules and restrictions.

A firm selling drugs in Dubai, for example, will have to go via the Dubai Health Authority, which will check the leased facility and make sure it complies with its laws.

We are more than competent to educate you of all legislative rules and to prepare you suitably in these situations.

Residence Visa

In order to properly operate your mainland company and enjoy all of the benefits provided by the United Arab Emirates, you must first obtain a Residence Visa. You must also open a corporate bank account.

We’ll do all of the required preparations and apply for Visas through the General Directory of Residency and Foreign Affairs.

We can get Residence Visas for:

  • company’s whole shareholder base
  • The owner/director of the company
  • Employees
  • Children/spouses of all shareholders

You’ll also need an EMIRATES ID, which is a government-issued identification card that allows any UAE resident to access a variety of government services, open a bank account, and buy or rent property, among other things.

Corporate Bank Account Opening

A headquarters is required for your new free zone firm. Every new corporate account in the United Arab Emirates requires leasing a property.

Towards that, ALEF Tradezone FZE  offer a variety of options to suit your company’s needs, including fully furnished executive offices with conference and utility rooms, shared desks for online businesses needing the smallest amount of space possible at a low cost, warehouses for trading or manufacturing businesses, and even entire plots of land.

Commercial Space

Business owners with a mainland licence can buy or rent commercial property practically anywhere in the UAE.

Because the United Arab Emirates is a hotspot for premium real estate, mainland corporations may take advantage of all of these alternatives and unique offers.

We, at ALEF Tradezone FZE, assist our clients in finding a location that meets their budget and requirements, whatever they may be,